Storage units that are left abandoned without payment cause a financial burden to the storage unit owners.  We would like to assist you in recovering your money and helping you clear the units for resale.

The financial burden for abandoned  storage units is two fold:

  1. Outstanding monies need to be recovered
  2. The units need to be cleared in order to be sold again.

Old Things is a company that can assist with debt control by buying contents of storage units from storage unit owners to help them recover outstanding debts and to clear storage units so that they are ready for resale.

Services we offer:

We buy storage units to help you clear your debtors books.
We clear the storage units 100% so that they are ready for resale the moment we leave.


Payment is done by EFT.

Advantage of using Old Things:

  • We are able to negotiate a purchase price on storage units as close as possible to the outstanding debt on the storage unit to help you recover outstanding monies.
  • We EFT upfront so the money is in your account before the contents of the unit leaves the facility.
  • We work fast and efficiently ensuring your units are cleared and ready for re sale.
  • When we leave the storage lockers are 100% clean and ready for resale.
  • We have large and small vehicles available for any job.
  • All items and boxes are sorted so we can re-cover any valuable personal documents like passports, ID’s, photos and certificates that are irreplaceable to the client.
  • We are able to supply a long list of references of Storage Unit owners who will vouch for our service.
  • Old Things is an owner managed business where service is important to us.


Old Things has been running successfully assisting storage unit owners for the since 2011.

We would be happy to supply references of our work should they be needed.


At Old Things we believe in giving back. All baby clothes and toys recovered in storage units are donated to those less fortunate. You can see our charity pages online –

Office Presentation:

 Should you need more explanation, we would be happy to come into your offices to introduce ourselves and do a short presentation on our services.